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Oil to Gas Boiler Conversion in Saugerties, NY

Oil to Gas Boiler Conversion in Saugerties, NYThis is an oil to gas conversion in a neighborhood with new natural gas mains being dug giving residents access to one of the most economical fuel sources available. We are a Central Hudson Gas and Electric Blue Shield Trade Ally which gave our customers access to the best incentives available from the utility company for converting to natural gas.

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Red Hook Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

Red Hook Ductless Mini Split Heat PumpMy customer wanted to add central air conditioning to this home they just purchased. With this central air conditioning retro fit project, we went back and forth whether to install a basic ducted system or a ductless mini split system. The existing heating is an oil boiler with steam radiators which they are happy with. After going through all the concerns of comfort and budget we decided instead of installing a base series single zone ducted air conditioning system, which would be vulnerable to attic conditions and would require indoor air quality ...

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2 in 1 Ductless Mini Split

2 in 1 Ductless Mini SplitOur client built a 2 room addition to there home and we were able to meet there budget and comfort needs with this 2 in 1 Ductless Hyper Heat Pump System. This unit provides heating down to -22 degrees and provides variable speed high efficient cooling for both rooms individually. This system will work great with solar electric in the future as well!

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